About Pyro



In 2005, the concept for a clothing brand, became a reality for a small group of people in Heidelberg / Germany to make a lasting impression on urban streetwear. Pyromaniac clothing was born, as a second wind to a fire that started burning in 2003, when CANTWO / STICKUPKIDZ joined forces with Montana Cans.

Rooted in the graffiti scene, PYROMANIAC embarked on a path of trying to set peopleĀ“s hearts ON FIRE through clothing. With everfresh collaborations with graffiti writers like CANTWO, SCOTTY76, KANEONE, STOHEAD, BANOS, PUBES, CRONE, SMASH, SUPERBLAST, SATONE, DISTURBANITY, TOAST, I ARE UGLY, SEOULMATES and NYCHOS. We believe in the pursuit of creativity coming together with a high quality, set at a fair price.

Today we see ourselves as a brand that inspires people to tend the fire of their dreams no matter what. We know what we are talking about.


Pyromaniac by definition has everything to do with being on fire. We encourage people to stop letting the world tell them who they should be, but rather, listen to the voice inside of them and become who they are meant to be. We, at Pyromaniac are "On Fire" with inspiration, inventiveness and passion for what we do.

On the horizon is a new age for Pyromaniac, an evolution rooted in these elements and expanding to new places. Without limiting ourselves or our creativity we use the tools we have and our network to explode on the scene. Our style is urban functional, we pride ourselves on producing garments that allow you to be comfortable enough to stay creative and ongoing strong collaborations with our friends at MZEE, STYLEFILE, INFLAMMABLE, STREETWEAR TODAY, TOPSTREETWEAR and many others.